The future’s only bright if we make it that way. Our partnership with REPREVE® – the world’s leading recycled performance fibre – sees plastic bottles transformed into performance-ready headwear.

When it comes to the environment, there’s no time to waste. Here at New Era, with the help of our partner REPREVE®, we’re taking steps towards a brighter tomorrow – and we’re incredibly proud to be part of this journey.

REPREVE® was developed back in 2007 by pioneering fibre company Unifi. Since then, REPREVE® has become the world’s leading recycled fibre. They transform plastic bottles into yarn, and we then use that thread to produce thousands upon thousands of caps across our many collections.

And it’s not just a few plastic bottles that REPREVE® have turned into wardrobe essentials. Since their founding, they’ve recycled over 30 billion of them. By 2025 they’re aiming for 50 billion. This is no mean feat but at the rate they’re going they’ve got it in hand – just check out their ever-ticking bottle counter on their website repreve.com

But how do they do it? The process kicks off the moment you stick a plastic bottle in a recycling bin. Once they’ve been collected, they end up in material recovery facilities and from there they’re brought to the REPREVE® Bottle Processing Centre where they’re sorted, cleaned, and chopped up into tiny flakes. The flakes are then melted and squeezed into chips, which are spun out into REPREVE® performance yarn. It’s as simple as that, 100% recycled – and the process uses less energy and water compared to virgin synthetic fibres and conventionally processed recycled polyester. The final product is ultra-durable and can be used to create all kinds of apparel, accessories, and furnishings.

Repreve x New Era headwear collection

We have been partnering with REPREVE® since 2017 and our commitment to a more sustainable future sees those recycled caps included in our collections with the MLB, the NBA as well as Tottenham Hotspur, French Rugby and McLaren, to name just a few.

We know the work doesn’t stop here. We’re continually making steps towards a more sustainable future so keep looking out for future updates from us.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.

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