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Peak Talk takes a trip to Denmark as we touched down in Copenhagen with a member the New Era family, and Headz Up store owner, Mads Kragh. A headwear specialist in every sense, Mads is an OG of the fitted community, someone who’s passion for brand and the culture behind it spans decades.


Mads love for headwear started at just 8 years old when he got his first Chicago Bulls cap, although he didn’t know it at the time, this was a moment that would ultimately set him down a path to owning his own store and having the ability to live through his hobby.


This passion flourished and by 2009, in possession of 40 caps, Mads began to realise he was a serious collector. He would then begin travelling to further extend his knowledge and understanding of headwear, on one trip to New York even purchasing 14 59FIFTYs in a single day.


Fast forward some years and Mads has risen through every part of the sports headwear industry, finally becoming a member of the New Era team, flying the flag for the 59FIFTY in Europe. The owner of over 500 caps, few have truly committed themselves to the level of dedication Mads has poured into his collection.

New Era Cap 59FIFTY fitteds with Mads
New Era Cap 59FIFTY fitteds with Mads

Like any OG his taste is classic styles, the original Yankees 59FIFTY remains top of his all-time list. For him it is the stories and history which give each cap their place in his collection. To him New Era is more than just a brand, its meaning is integral to the journey that he has taken in life. At every point along his path there’s a cap which signifies a moment in time, the New Era flag has always been there for Mads and he stays true to this passion every single day. A true embodiment of “choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life“.

New Era Cap 59FIFTY fitteds with Mads