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Peak talk travels to the heart of Scotland as we touch base with, arguably, one of the foremost collectors of Boston Red Sox headwear in the world – Joseph Doran.

New Era Cap 59FIFTY fitteds with Joe Dorran

Originally from Ireland, Joseph, along with his family, now call Scotland home, but it is his Irish roots which are central to his natural affinity for the Bostonian sports team.

A collector and connoisseur, Joseph has always stood out as a true purveyor and champion of his interests, a man that does not do things by halves but rather prefers to be all-in and truly committed to the things that he loves. It was during the pandemic that his flame for New Era began to grow exponentially, upon shifting his focus of collection from footwear to headwear. Strategic in his approach, he looked to seek out caps which spoke to both his style but also carried a mark of rarity amongst the fitted community.

''From a young age I got hooked on American sports, and I naturally adopted the city of Boston for my teams. The rest as they say is history...''

New Era Cap 59FIFTY fitteds with Joe Dorran

It's this community that Joseph now finds himself standing out as true ambassador for, whilst never over-looking the importance of having the connection of likeminded individuals. Such as CappedRaw and Smellnicey who, alongside Joseph, have helped to cultivate a space where the UK fitted cap community can thrive.


Joseph cites this as one of the core values behind his love for the brand and his desire to continue to grow his collection. It has also given him an additional outlet of self-expression through style, allowing for endless headwear and footwear combinations.


Joseph is a true embodiment of what New Era is all about – undying dedication to his team as a fan, an avid focus on procuring caps with meaning and the freedom to express this interest outwardly through style.

''To me collecting is a community and form of art that allows me to express myself. It has helped me gain connections across the world.''

Take a closer look at Joseph's collection here.