Leo Fortis


Fusing a century of headwear innovation with Dele's eye for creative design,  Leo Foris by New Era has landed. The debut collection includes a range of silhouettes from the A-Frame Trucker, 9FORTY Stretch Snap and the popular Cuff Knit in seasonal colourways.


“I started this brand as a passion project with my brother two years ago and we never expected the demand to be so high. By partnering with New Era, who are the world’s leading headwear brand, they can provide all the experience and expertise we need. I love having the creative input on the designs, but as a professional footballer my free time is limited so we need an experienced team to work with” - Dele Alli. 

  • Leo Fortis
  • Leo Fortis

“Leo Fortis means brave lion and I felt like it’s something that people can feel a part of as everyone has their own challenges in life. The message we want to put out there is a positive one, it’s important to always be yourself and express yourself as much as you can.” - Dele Alli.