When you’re a true original, there’s no option but to raise your own flag.
From the bottom of the leaderboard to the top of the world.
From the little leagues to the big time.
For 103 years and counting, our flag’s been there.
What’s in front is all you.
But the flag – that’s Always On Side.

Always On Side

Always On Side

About The Collection

103 years; that’s how long New Era has been changing the headwear game and cultivating the choice designs for sports enthusiasts and style specialists. Spring is the season of change, we’re ushering in the new with bold pinstripe t-shirts, jerseys and hoodies. Our heritage patch adding prestige to crews and bucket hats and iconic varsity silhouettes with allover patches.

Style it how you want – you decide the score.


A bit of history

On or off the pitch, we have been the originators that helped to define over a century of sport and streetwear culture. Worn by some of the world’s greatest athletes past and present, we have dominated the headwear game since leaderboards began while at the same time, becoming a signifier of diverse cultures and communities from across the globe. Whether it’s a record-breaking athlete or a superstar rapper, all are united under one logo.