Hailing from Thonon-Les-Bains in Eastern France, Leo Sarteel is an American football player and lifestyle content creator. Raised in a region of France known for its association with the sport, Leo plays wide receiver for his hometown team, the Thonon Black Panthers. A relatively small community, Thonon centres around its sporting teams with the Black Panthers being a focal point since the late 80’s when the team was founded. Now part of the Central European Football League, Leo cut his teeth playing against some of the best teams from across the continent.

New Era Fall Collection
New Era Fall Collection



The passion that Leo has for American football comes from his upbringing in Thonon, having an early introduction to the sport, which grew into a fascination and desire to emulate some of his local heroes. Having grown up in an increasingly digital world Leo understands the need to share his life and story to promote not only himself but also his team and his town, shining a light on Thonon. Leo has maximised his social presence by giving his followers an insight into the life of a professional athlete – sharing the hard work, training, recovery, and lifestyle choices required to operate at a high level.




Away from the football field, Leo likes to take a different approach to life; he prefers peaceful environments, opting for the tranquillity and introspection of Lake Geneva where he can be at one with himself, have fun with friends, and relax.

Leo gives us a look at some of the scenery he calls home while wearing our New Era collection Pinstripe Brown T-shirt and Heritage A-Frame Trucker.

New Era Fall Collection