That's the spirit. 

Since releasing their debut album in 2006, Bring Me The Horizon have become one of the biggest metal bands in Britain, scoring two top ten albums in the UK and one in the US. Meshing their collective influences of rock, metal, deathcore, and hardcore, the Sheffield 5-piece have helped define a new British rock sound for the 21st century.

This was cemented in 2015 when the band released their album That’s The Spirit which saw them veer away from a frenetic and explosive sound of old into more accomplished territory, introducing synths, hooks and more of a general pop rock aesthetic. This change in creative direction saw them send five consecutive singles to number one in the UK rock chart.

Bring Me The Horizon





It was during the promotion of That’s The Spirit that New Era collaborated with the band to create an extremely limited edition line of caps. Adorned both the dripping umbrella logo and acrylic paint design that accompanied the album, the 9FIFTY caps were released in two separate drops and have since become collector’s items for fans.

Bring Me The Horizon